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You think you can gain advantage over your friend or our android, consider yourself dared! We invite you to crash your opponent, whomever that may be, like rock crushes scissors! Don't let the other player beat you!

There are 2 versions of this cute little game, the objective of which is to select a shape that will defeat the shape taken by your opponent.

1. classic rock-paper-scissors (you can play it against your friend/real person or against our android) where the propositions are as follows: the "rock" defeats scissors, the "scissors" cut paper and the "paper" covers rock; in a situation where both players throw the same shape, the game is considered tied.
Let us briefly remind you of the basic shapes and their respective hand gestures:
• Rock is represented by a clenched fist
• Scissors are represented by two fingers extended and separated
• Paper is represented by an open hand, with the fingers extended and touching, thus representing a sheet of paper

2. modern rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock, where two new gestures, "spock" and "lizard" have been added so the odds of a tie could be reduced whereas the complexity of the game increased. The propositions of this extended version are as follows: the "spock" smashes the "scissors" and vaporizes the "rock"; however, the "spock" is poisoned by the "lizard" and disproven by the "paper". Although the "lizard" eats paper, it is crushed by the "rock" and decapitated by the "scissors".
Here is a brief reminder of the added hand gestures as well:
• Spock is represented by the Star Trek Vulcan salute
• Lizard is represented by a hand forming a sock-puppet-like mouth

Taking our version of Rock-paper-scissors is great fun! Funny sounds and good graphics are provided for you, so come and have a go!

This app is designed and coded by Dejan Ilic.

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Rock Paper Scissors - Free Android App Rock Paper Scissors - Free Android App Rock Paper Scissors - Free Android App

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